Welcome to Magsha Enterprises

About Us

From humble beginnings, Magsha Enterprises has evolved into a dynamic market leader in the field of sewing machine spares and accessories, especially with our insurmountable knowledge in the field of pressing, ironing and fusing.

Our company continues to diversify in all areas. We are passionate about the relationships that we have built over the years with our customers as well as our suppliers.

Evolving together, we assure you of excellent service, competitive pricing and top-quality globally-sourced products. Magsha Enterprises is accredited by SARS and is also BEE complaint. 

Our company continues to provide service excellence in South Africa and beyond its borders, with the birth of Magsha Enterprises in Lesotho.

What we offer

  • Garment sewing machines
  • Steam-generating boilers
  • Cutting machines
  • Ironing / pressing machines
  • Fusing machines – PTFE belting & belt cleaners
  • Sewing machine needles, 
  • Labels / Sobar stickers
  • Sobar ink rollers
  • Staplers / tackers
  • Staples
  • Dress pins
  • Tagging guns & tag pins
  • Loop locks
  • Plastic staples
  • Buff & sellotape dispenser & packaging tape